Best Korean Romance Movies

April 07, 2020

Korean movies are famous for their profound and genuine performances. If you are looking for some Korean romantic movie recommendations to watch with your significant other or to ease the pain after heartbreak, we’ve got you covered. South Korea is East Asia’s media powerhouse and boasts of a collection of romantic comedies, fantasy comedies, atypical romances, and even melodramas. We have compiled an all-time list of the best Korean romance movies for you to watch.

1)My Little Bride

The romance drama is one of those typical high school teenage love stories. ‘My Little Bride’ narrates the story of Bo-eun, a teenage girl who is secretly in love with her school’s baseball king, Jung-woo. Unfortunately, it turns out that Bo-eun’s grandfather had made a pact with Sang-min’s grandfather during the Korean War to marry his granddaughter to Sang-min. Unable to disappoint her grandpa, Bo-eun reluctantly agrees to marry Sang-min. Love is a strong feeling that can’t be whisked away quickly, and that’s the reason why Bo-eun continues following Jung-woo even after she is married. Things take a drastic turn when Sang-min is appointed to teach in Bo-eun’s school and spells trouble for his beloved wife. Will Bo-eun leave her husband for Jung-woo? There is no doubt that ‘My Little Bride’ is a big hit that comes in a relatively “small package.”


Is love all about physical appearance, or does it connect two hearts forever? We get to see what happens when a woman undergoes plastic surgery to change her face. Before this significant move, the lady was in love. Her previous lover falls in love with her, not knowing it is the same woman he loved before. The Kim Ki-duk masterpiece is among the best Korean romance movies of all time. ‘Time’ demands undivided attention from its viewers, both intellectually and emotionally, but it attracts overwhelming rewards.

3)My Sassy Girl

Any millennial is likely to have heard of ‘My Sassy Girl’ because it is a big hit. The romantic comedy was a significant hit across Asia that drew several comparisons to “Titanic.” The movie stars an engineering student that meets a sassy girl. The extraordinary couple sets out on a whirlwind romance story with lots of twists and turns. Jun Ji-hyun’s character as the sassy girl made the film stand out because never before has Asian cinema seen a female lead with such a big personality. Anybody that has watched the movie can admit that it is a must-watch for all Korean romance enthusiasts.

4)Architecture 101

‘Architecture 101’ is a heartwarming mix of melodrama and romance. The film tells the tale of two love birds that met as students in an introductory architecture class. They end up falling hard for each other. Through the movie, you will enjoy the charm that’s attached to it and gives a satisfying viewing experience. If you have ever been in love at a certain point in your life, the film will remind you of how beautiful the experience was. It’s best if you watch it with your significant other because of the film’s nostalgic feel that will take you to intense emotional levels. The movie has been praised highly for its strong-character driven style. ‘Architecture 101’ fetched $20 million in revenues.

5)The Beauty Inside

How would your lfe turn out if you were to wake up every day to a different appearance? While you would get to be different people each day, keeping the love of your life is difficult because they wouldn’t know what look they should love. That was the reality for Woo Jin, a character that was played by different people. The young man wakes up as a different person every day in ‘The Beauty Inside.’ The girl he loves, Yi Soo, is faced with a dilemma. Can she fall in love with the person inside and forsake physical appearance? Although couples in romance movies must overcome various challenges to be together, Yi Soo and Woo Jin have a unique hurdle to defeat. Can they handle the heat?

6)Be With You

‘Be With You’ is an excellent remake of a Japanese film bearing a similar title. The film narrates the story of Soo-ah, who promises her husband on her deathbed to come back after her death. A year later, the husband, Woo-jin, has not forgotten Soo-ah’s promise and waits upon every rainy day, hoping to see his wife again. In the meantime, he struggles to take care of their son, Ji-ho. As promised, Soo-ah returns, but she doesn’t remember anything about her family, which is both questionable and sad. ‘Be With you’ has more fantasy elements than romance, but it is an excellent blend of Korean acting and Japanese’ filmmaking style.


When the film was released, many people were eager to watch it because of its director, Kwak Kyung-taek. He was previously working on thriller flicks, and everyone was excited to see what he could do to the romance genre. Luckily enough, Kwak Kyung-taek didn’t disappoint. ‘Pained’ features the heartbreaking drama of a lonely man that is immune to pain after having a traumatic accident in his youth. He falls chronically in love with a woman, and they both develop an intimate bond with each other. They learn to embrace each other’s anguish, pains, and sorrows. ‘Pained’ could easily pass for the best Korean romance movie because it is a deep, personal story that keeps viewers intrigued. Remember to bring your handkerchief, especially if you get very emotional.


If you have a soft spot for romantic comedies, this is for you. They have an intriguing aspect despite certain naivety and silliness. You will find yourself drawn into the characters’ worlds. The Korean film industry has found a way of mastering the genre, and ‘Windstruck’ is a perfect example of the progress they have made. The film is about a female police officer Yeo Kyung-jin and a physics teacher, Myung-woo. They fall in love, but the film takes a terrible turn when Myung-woo dies, leaving his lover shattered. We see Kyung-jin going through episodes of suicidal tendencies and depression. After that, the film moves into the fantasy genre, and we see Kyung-jin experiencing the presence of her lover in the remaining part of the movie.

9)A Millionaire’s First Love

What happens when a millionaire falls in love? Can he love fully? Jae-kyung is on the verge of becoming a millionaire at age 19 because that is when he will inherit his grandfather’s empire. The family lawyer announces what is on his grandfather’s will. The only condition is that Jae-kyung must graduate from Boram High School, which is a country school with zero luxuries and insufficient amenities. If he dares to fail or leave the school, Jae-kyung will miss out on his potential fortune. Left with little choice, he enrolls in the school. That is when Jae-kyung meets Eun-hwan, a beautiful girl from the country school, and falls in love with her. Their love is put to the test and must surpass the regular rules if riches and wealth. ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’ is a fresh outlook into love without fame or money, just how it should be.


The movie features Failan, a Chinese resident that relocates to Korea after her parents pass on in search of her relatives. Unfortunately, she discovers that her kin immigrated to Canada. To make a living in the new country, she decides to hire the services of a matchmaking agency, which connects her to a former gangster and petty thief, Kang. Kang’s efforts to make a living after his terrible past hit the rock when his boss blames him for a murder that he didn’t commit. His bride-to-be is in love with her newly found love, and she writes a letter to express her feelings. Unfortunately, Failan never gets the chance to hand over the letters. The film is one of the best Korean romance movies because it keeps viewers captivated. ‘Failan’ is a recipient of several international and national awards, which says a lot about it.

11)A Moment to Remember

‘A Moment to Remember’ is a fantastic Korean romance movie. The deeply-touching love story features a fashion designer and daughter of a construction company’s CEO, Su-jin. With all the money and fame in Su-jin’s world, falling in love with a construction worker isn’t part of her plan, but it happens. She meets Chul-soo, a poor laborer working in her father’s company. Su-jin falls for his masculinity, and soon they get married. Unfortunately, she is hit by Alzheimer’s disease and doesn’t remember her husband. Chul-soo’s world crashes because he cannot comprehend the fact that the woman he adores cannot recognize him. The main characters go through episodes of emotional complexities, and it’s attractive to how they get through.

12)More than Blue

What would you do if your lover is terminally ill? On one side, you know they won’t be there forever while, on the other hand, you wish to spend a lifetime with them. ‘More Than Blue’ narrates the story of a terminally ill man named K, who is in love with his childhood crush, Cream. Because K is aware of his condition, he doesn’t want to marry Cream. After all, he will only be around for a while. So, K helps the love of his life to find a suitable husband. When Cream is about to get married to Joo-hwan, K reveals his feelings for her. It turns out that Cream also loves K, but she goes on to marry Joo-hwan. Later K passes on, and Cream commits suicide to go and be with her lover. ‘More Than Blue’ is a heartbreaking piece that is beautifully crafted to show intimate romance.


The film is a touching Korean romance movie that narrates the love story of a self-isolated ex-boxer that is now working as a parking attendant and a blond telemarketer. The two meet when the woman mistakes the guy for the previous attendant. The mistake marks the beginning of a beautiful love story. The Korean melodrama ensures that we remain immersed in the characters and their plight. ‘Always’ is a must-watch for anyone that loves moving stories.

14)A Werewolf Boy

The film can easily pass for being the best Korean romantic movie. ‘A Werewolf Boy’ is the perfect blend of fantasy, melodrama, and romance. It illustrates the story of an older woman, Sun-Yi, who is narrating her visits to a cottage when she was a child. She talks about how she would help an orphan boy, Chul-soo, and eventually nurtured him as his own. The boy has striking similarities to a werewolf, such as high body temperatures, unidentifiable blood type, and incredible strength. Sun-yi and Chul-soo eventually fall for each other, but they cut ties for over 47 years. It is impressive how one film can evoke so many emotions.

15)Christmas in August

If you are in the mood for one of the best Korean romance movies to move you like never before, consider watching ‘Christmas in August.’ The film narrates the story of a parking agent and a photographer that falls in love with each other, but their desires aren’t fulfilled because the photographer is terminally ill. With only a few years to live, the couple knows that they don’t have forever to love each other. Will they make use of the little time that’s left? There is no dull moment in the movie, so you are sure to enjoy it.

16)Maundy Thursday

‘Maundy Thursday’ is an enchanting story of a convict that is awaiting execution. The man falls deeply in love with a suicidal woman, Yu-jeong, who is on a prison visit with her aunt. Since both share a traumatic past, their connection is natural and instant. Over time, they realize that they were meant for each other, yet there is very little time for them to enjoy their love. The film drives viewers into a deeply emotional state. The characters are layered in emotions, and the simplicity of the movie is remarkable. While ‘Maundy Thursday’ is themed on heartbreak, you will love every minute you spend watching it. There is no denying that it is one of the best Korean romance movies!

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