What Are The Best X-Men Movies?

November 18, 2020

For over two decades X-Men movies have brought unending entertainment to your cinema and home screens – from action-packed scenes to conflicting yet, equally interesting characters. However, as with any movie franchise, you will always find movies that are a better release than the other. Similarly, you will experience the same with X Men movies.

Whilst it a great idea to watch all the X men movies that have been released so far, we’ve also shared a list of X Men movies ranked to give you an idea of the best X men movies amongst the 12 that have so far been released since the year 2000.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past (2014)

The X-Men: Days of Future Past story is captivating in its own right. However, what makes the Days of Future Past the best X Men movie is its ingenious cross over between the older Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellan and the younger Jon McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as Professor X and Magneto, respectively.

This reboot and smart juxtaposition of the older X-Men with their younger self is intriguing, funny, and sweet. Whilst the previous X Men movies such as X-Men: First Class cover each character with precision, the Days of Future Past really dissects these characters to let the viewer know why they are the way they are and how each character affects world history – in the movie, of course!

The travel between past and future events also breaks down the characters – all the while exploring new twists and details that make this movie the masterpiece that it is. However, moving past the two main characters, the movie also does an excellent job with characters such as Mystique and Wolverine.


In X2: X-Men United, we see a unison of X-men – particularly Magneto and his band of mutants forging a pact with Charles Xavier’s School of Gifted youngsters to fight a common enemy, the mysterious Colonel William. The X2 movie doesn’t only deliver its generous share of action-packed scenes but also looks at the X-Men’s strength as a united front. 

Plus, with the love triangle between Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Cyclops to spice up the movie – what better way to capture the audience? Compared to the likes of Avengers Endgame and Justice League, the X2: X-Men United offers its fair share of star-studded and epic performance.

X-Men (2000)

The very first release of the X-Men trilogy, this movie does justice to the introduction of this exceptional franchise. Whilst it encapsulates all the relevant characters of the movie – it offers a unique introduction of each figure without the typical obviousness as experienced with other movies.

In X-men, we are introduced to Professor X’s undying heroism and caretaking character, Magneto’s nerve backing down villainous ways, Wolverine’s charisma, and the entire marginalization of the mutant community. However, what gets this release amongst the top X men movies ranked is its unique standing compared to many numerous superhero movies – you just cannot anticipate what to expect!

Deadpool (2016)

It comes with no surprise that Deadpool makes it to the top 5 best X Men movies. Not only is this movie neatly and cleverly arranged, but, it surprised even the viewers by turning into a captivating performance – filled with humor, action, and exemplary acting that people didn’t expect from Ryan Reynolds. 

Whilst it still boasts the standard superhero story and theme, what makes this movie unique is its ability to closely related to everyday life – its new age humor, mannerisms, and even, the choice of soundtrack – ensuring that any audience easily connects to it. I mean who doesn’t like to watch a young, foul-mouthed, and smart dude who is also a cool and nerdy superhero – and turns out to be a softie at heart after all.

Whilst it’s an R-rated superhero movie, it almost translates into a wonderfully violent film – easing even the most notoriously aggressive scenes into the funniest ones. After watching Deadpool, you will certainly be on edge waiting for the sequel!

Deadpool (2018)

If you think the first Deadpool couldn’t get any funnier and wittier, then, you haven’t seen Deadpool 2. As if Ryan Reynolds on his own wasn’t humorous enough, in this sequel, he is paired with his merry band of X-Men as they fight the Cyborg villain, played by Josh Brolin.

To fit the modern comedy twist that engulfs the movie, Deadpool 2 brings back the equally funny taxi driver, Dopinder, who is added to the mix for an even better, cosmopolitan comedic performance. Whilst it maintains its funnier side, this now successful film gets more serious to deliver an even better quality performance that maintains its position amongst the top X Men movies ranked.

Logan (2017)

Logan is perhaps the only X Men movie that gives us a true glimpse into the future of the X-men story. Yet, this is not all the movie offers. Finally, this X-men film offers Wolverine that well deserved standing in a more serious, comprehensive, and R–rated X-men movie. 

However, it is also a turning point as we see Hugh Jackman finally give his beloved character what’s perceived as a well-deserved and respectable send-off – we can confidently say this is so far the best Wolverine centered X-Men movie. However, you must also acknowledge other important events in the movie such as Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of the aging Charles Xavier.

X-Men: First Class (2011)

Taking the audience back in time – amid the cold war – this movie is what one needs to watch if they want to get a detailed glimpse of the origins of the X-Men favorites – long before Professor X and Magneto became mortal enemies. Whilst it remains to be a fictional film, its impressive capture of the events that surrounded the era is vividly included throughout the film.

Plus, the X-Men: First Class introduces us to a band of new actors – James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender – as opposed to the older Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellan. Nevertheless, the new actors still brilliantly manage to capture Patrick Stewart’s genius calm and Ian McKellan’s raging superiority and villainess, respectively.

Whilst it’s somewhat difficult to foresee the future with this lighter and less sophisticated time-stamped film, it still holds the uniqueness and vast inner knowledge into X-Men movies’ favorite characters.

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

The Apocalypse has its drawbacks but also has its best sides. Other than the erroneous choice of covering up the charismatic Oscar Isaac with nasty blue apocalyptic make up, this star studded film still does justice to its fans. Sure, you will see a lot of redundancies when compared to other X Men movies – especially the X-Men: Days of Future Past.

But, it still serves as an important film as it further explores the lives and history of mutants – their infamous marginalized reality. But as always it doesn’t miss out on its fair share of adrenaline-boosting action. 

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

The X-Men Origins: Wolverine puts effort in tracing the origins of Wolverine – unfortunately, they end up being in vain. Sure, the film follows his childhood, running from home, and even the American civil war to Vietnam to his joining of the special task force – yet, it still doesn’t dissect the true character of Wolverine as if trying to fill the quota for the larger X-Men Universe.

In fact, it does such a vain job that it only goes to affect our perception of Wolverine and the mystery he once held.  Nevertheless, it still holds an important part in the X-Men movies even though all it only “attempts” at exploring this important character’s life and rise to his current stature as Wolverine.

The Wolverine (2013)

Whilst Wolverine at least attempts to pacify its blunder of the Origins – it almost seems as though the universe is working against Wolverine.   You will later come to ignore this fact after watching Logan, however. In this movie, you will experience Wolverine in a whole new setting, in Japan, with a different feel, story, and mission. Thus, to a point, the movie creates a new hopeful transcendence.  Nevertheless, you will still feel the lingering dooms of the previous Wolverine Origins movie.  Yet, you must remember that the movie still does a good job of exploring the life of Wolverine. Plus, focusing more on the story rather than Wolverine’s relentless and impossibly undefeatable strength, the film at least absolves the character of his origins blunder.

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