What’s the story?

As per the current condition of health concerns among the public worldwide, many platforms want to take care of their audiences. Pixar and Disney are also included in it! One approach to add up to their entertainment needs at home is the animated fantasy named Onward. They are officially releasing it digitally sooner than expected.

There is a joint statement of both producer Kori Rae and director Dan Scanlon. As per which the early digital release of this adventurous and funny cartoon film is because they want people to enjoy it early from their homes.

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The story is based on two elf brothers who are on a quest to bring back their late father, at least for a single day. They face and deal with different magic and creatures that are the main point of interest and adventurous for its viewers.

The two main leads of Onward are backed with voices of Chris Pratt (for Barley) and Tom Holland (for Ian). Not just this, you can also enjoy many other talented voices during this animated film. It includes that of Tracy Ullman, Kyle Bornheimer, Octavia Spencer, Wilmer Valderrama, Ali Wong, Lena Waithe, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

If you are excited to watch it, then it is available to buy now online at $19.99. You can also find it on Disney+ from April 3. It will sure give you a visual treat of striking animations!

Is it any good?

The movie has faced a controversy where many countries from the Middle East banned it from being released there. It is because of a statement used in it seems like a reference to a lesbian relationship, as shown among their secondary characters. Also, in Russia, they have released the censored version of the film with a 16+ rating.

A surprising fact to know about the movie Onward is that initially, it marked number one at the Box office all around the world with about $39 million. But at the same time, this has got less number of audiences ever spotted for any opening weekend for a Pixar movie at theaters. By the way, the overall budget for the film is around $200.

Overall the movie is good to entice kids, but it might lack in gaining the attention of adults. It has not got such good reviews from the critics. We all expect much from the Pixar since it has a great history in offering us a hit list of animation movies.

The film currently got a rating of 7.5 from about 21.5k votes and 87% on rotten tomatoes. Onward is written by Keith Bunin, Jason Headley, and Dan Scan lon. By the way, the director has used some inputs for the story from his personal life. On Metacritic, the film has got favorable reviews from about 55 critics with an average score of 61 from 100.


The film was premiered at the 70th International film festival held in Berlin. It is a movie of about one hour and 43 minutes based on the fantasy world and quirky characters. If you are a Pixar fan and never missed any of its films, then do not skip this as well but, at the same time, not expect too much from it!


The story of Onward is based on a suburban fantasy world. The younger brother Ian turns 16, he is shy, lacks adventure, nervous, and has some terror of passing a driving test.

His older brother Barley is an overgrown teenager and low achieving who is always ready to help his brother. Laurel, their mother, gave them a magic wand, including a magical stone as a gift. It was planned to be given to them by their father when they both will turn over 16.

In its opening weekend of its home release, it hit the records by being the second most-watched movie on iTunes and ranked sixth on Amazon Prime. Due to the public lockdown to keep ourselves safe from the harms of COVID-19, Onward didn’t get much time to rule on theaters released back on March 6.

But it is still managed to collect more than $100 million all over the globe until now.  The makers are predicting that the film will do well again once shows resume in theaters like that of china (who were the first to shut their doors). Onward would be a nice dazzling, and heartwarming animation fun for your complete family. So, it should be there on your list of movies to be watched!

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