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Summary: This is a movie about a cyborg named Alita. She was found by Dr.Dyson Ido in the junkyard. He gave life and name to Alita. She had no memory of her past. She had a crush on a teen boy named Hugo. She had very powerful abilities to fight that no one has. She and Hugo dreamt of moving to the wealthy city Zalem. She also regained her memories and tried to save Hugo from dying.

What’s the story?

This movie is directed by Robert Rodriquez and Witten and Co-produced by the maker of Avatar James Cameron. The cast of this movie includes Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Skrein, Keean Johnson, Jackie Earle Haley, and the Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali.

This is the story of a female robot who has a human brain. In the movie, there was a great war in the 23rd century on earth which left earth completely destroyed. After three hundred years a cyborg scientist named Dr.Dyson Ido found the body of a female robot with a human brain. Dr named that girl “Alita” which was her deceased daughter’s name. Alita after some year meets a boy named Hugo. Hugo than later introduces Alita to new sports named Motorball where different cyborgs fight with one another till one dies. Ido was a Hunter Warrior in this movie which Alita found out later when she follows him.

Alita- Battle Angel 2

Alita found out about her fighting powers when she fights with three cyborgs and killing two of them. Alita also wanted to become a Hunter-Warrior after discovering her skills but Ido didn’t want her to become a Hunter-Warrior. After getting fed up from Ido Alita registered herself as a Hunter Warrior and asked help from other Hunter Warrior to take down a strong cyborg named Grewishka. One day in bar Alita and Grewishka got in a fight that leads Alita’s body critically injured. Alita and Hugo both always wanted to settle in the city of Zalem. Alita loved her fried Hugo and participated in the Motorball for him to get settled in Zalem. When she enters the Motorball, Ido discovered that there are a lot of Cyborgs in this tournament who wanted to kill Alita. Alita continued her tournament instead of Ido warning her. Meanwhile, Hugo was being tourchered by another Hunter-Warrior named as Zapan. Hugo called Alita for her help and Alita left the tournament and rushed towards Hugo.

As Alita arrives to save Hugo, Zapan the other Hunter-Warrior tries to manipulate Alita by saying that Hugo is lying with her. Zapan then mentally torchered Alita by saying that she either has to kill Hugo or let him do it because it is Hunter-Warriors Law. Alita decides to leave the Hunter-Warrior but Zapan tried to stop her. When Zapan tried to stop Alita she killed Zapan by her sword. Ido never told Alita that Hugo was living a lie planted by Vector in him that he can buy his way to the wealthy city of Zalem. Ido then tells Alita all the truth that this was a lie that citizens of Iron city can only enter Zalem by winning Motorball. Alita then decides to go and talk with Vector. But Vector was being controlled by Nova who is the scientist of Zalem. Nova then orders Grewishka to kill Alita through Vector. But this time Alita kills both Vector and Grewishka and delivers a message to Nova that never underestimates her.

After returning Ido tells Alita that Hugo is going towards Zalem. Alita runs towards Hugo to save him. She after reaching ask Hugo to come back with her. Hugo agreed but then the Zalem’s defense throws him from the tube. Alita also jumps towards Hugo to save him from dying. But unfortunately, Hugo dies. After months of this incident, Alita became the most famous athlete in Motorball. She picks up her sword and points it to Zalem as crowed is cheering for her and Nova was watching her from above.

Is it any good?

This is a movie filled with action and love. This is an English remake of famous Japanese anime series named Battle Angel Alita. In this movie, we see how robot bodies work with the human brain. The star of the film is Alita who is a robot and has a human brain. She had very gorgeous eyes like anime characters and had a very powerful and good heart. Alita was found by Dr.Ido and was last of her kind. This movie shows us the tips of reality how rich and poor are separate from one another.

Alita- Battle Angel

The story of the movie is very entertaining that it will never make you bore. This movie also delivers a powerful message of women empowerment. People should never underestimate the power of women. The moments between Hugo and Alita in the movie are very cute. Alita had a crush on the teen boy named Hugo and Hugo introduce her to society. The concept of Hunter-Warrior in this movie is the Bounty hunter.

This movie does not have a lot of originality but the visuals and screenplay of this movie always keep you exciting. The most exciting part of the movie is when Alita was regaining her memories and her super action skills. This is a very good movie for action lovers. But if you don’t like action this is not a good choice for you.


This movie is written and Co-produced by James Cameron the maker of Avatar. This is not his best work. This movie has a lot of suspense in the end and it felt like that all of the movie was dependent on the sequel which we don’t know when it will release. The 3D experience of this movie is at its peak. The special effects in the movie are very good that it seems real. The storytelling in this movie was very clear.

The cast in the movie did a very good job. They made the movie worth watching. There was a lot of suspense in this movie that remained suspense. We never learned why Nova was so interested in Alita and how Alita took revenge on Nova? Overall the production of the movie was very impressive and Rosa Salazar played perfectly the part of Alita in this movie.

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